V. International Relations Congress

International Energy and Security Congress


Energy in International Politics

  • Foreign Policy and Dependency on Imported Energy
  • Foreign Policies of Energy-Rich Countries
  • Rivalry on Energy-Rich Countries/Regions
  • Organizations of Energy-Exporting Countries
  • Energy Strategies of Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Transit Countries in Energy Transportation
  • Energy Companies and International Relations
  • Political Economy of Energy Markets
  • Financing Energy
  • Economics and Politics of Energy
  • Energy Supply Strategies of States

Energy Resources and Conflicts

  • Energy Discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Energy Resources in the Caspian Sea
  • Energy Resources in the Arctic Ocean
  • Energy Resources in Antarctica
  • Disputes on Transboundary Waters
  • Renewable Energy and Peace

Energy and National Security

  • Energy and Military Power
  • Nuclear Energy and Navies
  • Hydrogen Energy and Space Programs
  • Energy and Political/Economic Stability
  • Energy and Development

Energy Supply and Transport Security

  • Growing Imbalance of Supply and Demand
  • The Future of Fossil Fuels Reserves
  • Security of Oil/Gas Fields
  • Security of Solar/Wind Power Plants
  • Security of Energy Pipelines
  • Security of Energy Sea Lanes
  • Security of Transit Countries
  • Natural Disasters and Security of Energy Infrastructures

New Technologies in Energy Sector

  • Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Shale Gas Production
  • Fuel Cell Technologies
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Solar Power
  • Space-Based Solar Power
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydropower Technologies
  • Biofuel Technologies
  • Renewable Energy Strategies

Energy and Environmental Security

  • Fossil Fuels and Global Warming
  • Oil Drilling/Transport and Sea Pollution
  • Risks Posed by Nuclear Power Plants
  • Risks Posed by Thermal Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Energy and Management of Wildlife
  • Wind Tribunes and Management of Wildlife
  • Risks Posed by the Use of Biofuels

Turkey’s Energy Security

  • Turkey’s Shale Gas Reserves
  • Solar Power in Turkey
  • Turkey and Space-Based Solar Power
  • Wind Energy in Turkey
  • Geothermal Energy in Turkey
  • Turkey’s Nuclear Energy Policy


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